You, Me and Uncle Bob

You, Me and Uncle Bob

Available For License In Australia
& New Zealand Only

A heartwarming story of love and affection and independence amongst the very young and the very old. How two kids contrive to bring love and fulfilment to an unlikely and ill-assorted couple in their sixties.

Charlie and Ben are best friends. She is twelve lives with her mother, Tess in a cramped up inner-city apartment over a laundry shop, where she dreams of being a dancer. He’s the son of a local butcher and is trying hard to master the saxophone. Both of them suffer the constraints of a lack of space and the proximity of others that comes with their urban environment.

Bob is an elderly butcher who works part-time for Ben’s father. He is a widower, a pigeon fancier whose hobby is performing as an amateur conjurer in a little concert party that tours nursing homes at weekends.

Into the lives of these three comics comes Sylvie, once a chorus girl. A confirmed “gypsy” in spite of her advanced years, Sylvie has energy to spare and a strong opinion on everything. She’s heavily into cats and soon befriends a bunch of strays that inhabit a vacant block nearby.

Bob’s concert party breaks up when the other performers loose interest and, not long afterwards, he also loses his job. The kids are greatly affected by his deep depression and, between them, engineer a meeting between him and Sylvie. The two immediately take an interest in each other and the future looks rosy. However, Sylvie’s feline friends are captured and sent to the pound.

Sylvie is heartbroken and wants to run away but the kids and Ben manage to convince her to stay and together put on a concert that is a great sucess.

Ben and Sylvie get married and as a present, the kids give them a tiny kitten in an shoebox.