Time Guardian

Time Guardian

Available For License In Australia
& New Zealand Only

During the 24th century a new city is launched into time, to escape from a polluted and dying Earth. For centuries it cruises up and down the Time Stream.

The Jen-Diki are mutated descendants of the people they once were. They are now supported and monitored by powerful armored metal exo-skeletons. Massive, relentless and evil, they are the city’s natural enemies.

After yet another ambush attack from the Jen-Diki, the city must stop in a safe year to recharge and repair. It spins to a stop in the late 20th Century.

As always the city sends a Guardian ahead to prepare the way and warn of any danger. This time the task falls to Ballard, the city’s toughest man, and Petra, the city’s expert on the ways of the 20th Century.

This time there is no escaping to a safe year, the Jen-Diki are planning their most violent attack yet. When the time line breaks open, a battle of epic proportions begins, and only one man can save them …the Time Guradian