Time Game

Time Game

Available For License In Australia
& New Zealand Only

It is almost the end of the year when Tony Johnson, thirteen years old and a dedicated computer genius of falsely accused of setting fire to his school. His parents decide it would be a good idea to spend Christmas in the country with his grandparents. Grandpa is an inventor, electronics wiz and the designer of a game called “The Time Game”.

At first Tony is resentful of his banishment to the country, particularly when Grandpa leaves him alone and Tony has to amuse himself for many hours of the day. This changes when Tony stumbles upon Grandpa’s secret laboratory and discovers that “The Time Game” has other powers including the ability to summons a Time Machine.

More importantly, Tony realizes that the time machine is responsible for Grandpa’s long disappearances. Tony decides to track Grandpa down using the machine and embarks on a series of adventures back to colonial Australia in the 1860’s all the way to present day. In his travels, he meets an poor English girl Emily, who accompanies him in his travels.

Along the way he rescues Grandpa, restores Emily’s fortunes and gathers evidence to clear his name from the arson charge.

By Christmas morning, all the family is back together to celebrate Christmas, Australian style. Amidst the love and affection of renewed family bonds, Tony and Grandpa share a secret grin. From the hint of mischief in Grandpa’s eyes, there’s a suggestion he may be considering further adventures of “The Time Game”…