A 747 Jetliner takes off from an international airport and within minutes it is inexplicably threatening the lives of thousands as it plummets to the ground.

The Pilot KELLER (Robert Powell), manages to avoid total catastrophe by bringing the aircraft down in a field but even so the resulting fire from a ruptured fuel tank ensures that from the plane, at least, there are no survivors…..except one: the Pilot himself.

Tortured with the guilt and unable to explain the reasons for the disaster Keller sets upon a course of discovery, desperately seeking to overcome the temporary loss of memory that he has sustained.

HOBBS (Jenny Agutter), a young woman, tries to help Keller to unravel the mysteries of both his flight and the local events. But tragedy compounds upon tragedy, as it seems that the dead passengers of the aircraft will not release their grip on Keller – nor on anyone who stands in the path of his investigations.

In a final confrontation with both his dead passengers and Hobbs, the truth is revealed about the responsibility for the crash.

The collective personalities of the dead can rest in peace; and so can Keller.