Seanna Birmingham is given the green light by her backers to produce her next blockbuster movie, a remake of the cult horror movie classic “Slaughter Camp 13”.

Against the protests of tens of thousands of horror fans all over the world, Seanna, along with her trophy husband and a key crew of Hollywood upstarts, sets out to a deserted location in the wilds of northern Michigan.

As the crew set up for a weekend of bonding and final preparations for the filming, each one meets with a violent and grisly death in a manner that imitates a murder from the original film.

They soon discover that they are being hunted down and killed by one of their own.

A deranged fan has joined their ranks and is seeking bloody revenge on all those who would defile what he believes to be the greatest horror film of all time.

Can life imitate art? Who will survive?

Some classics are best left alone.