In a drunken rage of jealousy and anger over the breakdown of his marriage to Sonia (JOANNA PACULA) and the loss of custody of his son Jesse, Keith (MAXWELL CAULFIELD) a crime reporter for a big city daily, decides to take out a contract to have his wife killed; courtesy of his business school buddy, Levine (ROBERT PINE).

When he comes to his senses the next morning and tries to cancel the arrangement, Keith cannot reach Levine, whom we discover has been shot for ripping off the mob. As he cannot involve the police, Keith finds himself protecting his estranged wife from the contract killer he has hired but won’t be able to recognize.

Keith manages to save Sonia’s life twice and she begins to again see Keith as the brave, caring person she first fell in love with, unaware her husband has commissioned her murder.

By proposing a generous divorce settlement, Keith convinces Sonia to hide away with him and Jesse at a deserted marina on a boat he once owned. Meantime he desperately attempts to track down the hit man’s connections with the help of fellow reporter Germaine (CHRISTINE ELISE).

Keith crashes the criminal underworld to contact chilling mobster Anthony (LUCKY VANOUS) but finds himself in a bloody inter-gang feud and barely escapes with his life.

As Connor (SAULIUS SIDARIS) the hired killer, closes in on the family location, Sonia and Keith rekindle the life they once had with their son. Keith begins to rebuild Jesse’s trust in him; but the dark truth returns to haunt them as Connor traps the family by blowing up Keith’s boat but cold-bloodedly marking out only Sonia for execution.

Keith must decide between Sonia’s life and his own. He redeems himself by admitting the truth to her and then throws himself in the path of the killer. Convinced that his wife and son will never be safe as long as Connor is loose, Keith traps the hit man then drives the car they are in over a cliff. Both appear to die but as Sonia and Jesse mourn Keith, he miraculously emerges from the wreck.

His relationship with Sonia is over; but for him and Jesse, a new closeness may be on the cards.