In espionage’s shadowy half-world of lies, deception and intrigue, the KGB are about to pull off one of the greatest spy coups of all time – and only Caroline Cavanagh can stop them.

Caroline, the wife of up-and-coming politician Jack Cavanagh, has been watched by the KGB for nearly ten years.
Now on a trip to South Africa, they have made their move; abducting and drugging her – now they have photographs of her in compromising positions that could destroy her marriage and her husband’s career.

Now she is being blackmailed into helping the KGB obtain the State Department’s secret computer codes.
While her husband spends time in conference with the US Ambassador, Caroline helps the Soviet agents to steal a vital computer disc.

Caught between his loyalty to his country and his love for his wife, Jack decides to retrieve the disc himself, before the CIA become involved.

Finally, trapped in the KGB headquarters, with Caroline’s life at stake, Jack begins to unscramble the codes: the security of the entire free world depends upon him …In a taut action-packed climax, Cavanagh’s fight against the KGB explodes into a fireball of mayhem and violent death