Somewhere In The Darkness

Somewhere In The Darkness

An inspirational film about a young boy (“Frankie”), an old man (“Shamus”) and a cynical third victim (“Burt”) all trapped beneath the rubble of a collapsed building. Once the dust settles, they gradually become aware of each other’s presence and although separated by debris they are able to hear each other talk.

Despite being entombed, the old man and young boy travel on a journey of the imagination, as the old man attempts to distract the boy from his grim surroundings.

Injured, and aware time is running out, the old man spins amazing tales of wonder to combat the young boy’s fear.
All the while they are tormented and berated by the much more sullen Burt who refuses to believe there is any hope of survival.

Shamus draws on his own life experiences and the stories he knows in order to build a sense of hope for Frankie and with each of the tales attempts to teach the boy some valuable life lessons which encourage him to believe he will survive.

Shamus’ storytelling whisks Frankie into a series of magical adventures.

He meets a girl who tries to escape her troubles in the Australian outback only to find after her arduous journey that her problems follow her to the big city.

He meets Shamus as a young lad when he was embarrassed by his father’s appearance. Frankie sees how Shamus discovered his father’s inner strength and real love for him.

He meets a mysterious traveler searching the world for paradise on earth. An ancient guardian protects the entrance.

He meets an enigmatic dancer who seems out of place in a world where colors run riot. As day breaks and air is running low, Frankie hears the sound of a rescue crew close by, but will they be too late?