Roxi, the glamorous wife of millionaire industrialist Charles Logan, has recently moved to a remote Greek island where she awaits the arrival of her husband and his only child, Sean. Although married to Charles for several years, Roxi has never met her stepson. When Sean arrives on the island alone, she is angry with Charles for not being there for what was supposed to be a family reunion!

Roxi tries hard to entertain Sean, while her fears for Charlesā€™ safety continue to worry her after numerous unsuccessful attempts to contact him. Seanā€™s strange behavior begins to disturb her and his apparent sexual attraction towards her makes her suspicious of his intentions. After a drunken confrontation Seanā€™s behavior appears to improve until the murder of a local girl. The islanders are in mourning and suspicion falls on Sean who doesnā€™t have an alibi for the time of the murder.

The situation becomes even more alarming for Roxi with the arrival of an Interpol detective, Will Tranter, who is investigating Charlesā€™ disappearance. Thinking that Sean has killed her husband and now the village girl, Roxi tries to keep her stepson from leaving the island. But when he tries to escape from the village the locals form a vigilante group and force him onto the cliff top where he falls to his death!

When Will Tranter tells the local police that they have found Charlesā€™ body after a car crash, supposedly planned by Sean. All the evidence points to Sean, including the murder of the village girl. But in private Will goes to Roxi and carries her to bed where the two lovers reveal the plan they had to kill Charles so Roxi would inherit all his money, setting Sean up as the killer, the only other person with a claim to Charlesā€™ estate.

However, to commit the perfect crime Roxi has to remove Will from the game, so there is no one left knowing of her involvement. She kills Will with a harpoon gun and he falls from her yacht into the sea. Returning to the island Roxi prepares to leave and play the role of the grieving widow who has just inherited millionsā€¦..but the game is not over as she discovers she was not as clever as she thought!