Romper Stomper

Romper Stomper

Romper Stomper is the story of a gang of violent neo-Nazi skinheads, led by the intimidating and charismatic Hando (Russell Crowe) and his brooding, introspective friend Davey (Daniel Pollock). The plot centers around the pair’s relationship with the rich, sex-obsessed drug addict Gabrielle (Jacqueline McKenzie), who falls in love with Hando.

After joining forces with another group visiting of skinheads, Hando’s gang victimize two Vietnamese youths when they learn that their favorite pub is about to be turned into an Asian restaurant. A third youth phones for help and before long several car-loads of Vietnamese men armed with pool cues and other makeshift weapons descend on the skinheads and force them to retreat to their rented warehouse before finally escaping over the roofs.

They find a new base at another nearby warehouse and plans are made for revenge against the Vietnamese. During the course of the evening, Gabrielle suffers an epileptic fit. This repulses Hando so badly he no longer feels any attraction for her. After she recovers, Gabrielle suggests the gang burglarize her father’s mansion to fund the gang’s revenge plans.

The next morning Hando argues with Gabrielle and dumps her. As she storms off, Davey stops her and gives her the address of his grandmother, where he will be staying. She goes to a nearby phone booth and makes an anonymous call to the police, then goes to stay with Davey. Some time later, the warehouse is raided by the police, resulting in the death of the youngest skinhead when he recklessly waves a fake gun at them. Hando, who is away from the rest of the group, can only watch helplessly before fleeing undiscovered.

Arriving at Davey’s flat, he finds his friend in bed with Gabrielle. Hando accuses her of selling them out, but Davey provides her with the alibi that they were together the whole time. Appealing to Davey’s sensitive nature, Hando convinces his friend to stick by him and the trio goes on the run.

The next day, Gabrielle overhears a conversation between Hando and Davey and misinterprets it to mean they are going to leave her behind. Angry, she sets their getaway car on fire, and openly admits to phoning the police. Hando attacks her with murderous intent, leading Davey to ineffectively try to stop him. In a final act of despair, Davey stabs Hando, killing him. The film ends with Davey cradling Gabrielle on the beach overlooked by a busload of Japanese tourists.