Road To Nowhere

Road To Nowhere

Peter Reece escapes from prison after serving 5 years of his sentence. He heads straight to the foster home to kidnap his younger, wayward sister Elise and with whom he has a strange possessive relationship and who is being cared for under medical supervision. Peter is obsessed with her and madly jealous if anyone even looks at her photo.

The two go on the run and head for a remote fishing village where they plan to escape by boat but an approaching storm necessitates them delaying their trip for a few days. Danny, a local road worker, tries to chat with Elise when they stop for supplies, but she tells him to stay away or Peter will be furious.

The police are already combing the area and have set up roadblocks, forcing the pair to abandon their stolen car and take shelter in “Nowhere”, an isolated home where American couple (Byron and Megan) are spending their honeymoon. Peter decides to keep the hostages alive when he realizes he will need to access their money at the bank. He handcuffs them in the attic. When they temporarily manage to escape, Peter shoots Byron in the leg and then re-secures them.

When Peter is not around, Elise shows Byron some compassion. She bandages his leg and gives him painkillers. Byron implores her to get help and suggests Peter is unstable. He realizes she is mentally fragile and tries to communicate on her level and tells stories of tragic love. Peter sends Elise for more supplies and she meets Danny again. Elise is flattered by his gentle approach and she imagines herself as the heroine in the love stories she has read. Danny asks to see her the following night. Meanwhile Peter viciously attacks Megan.

The next time they are alone, Elise tells Byron she is attracted to Danny. Byron is building up a connection with her and gaining her confidence.

The following morning, while Peter is sleeping off a drunken stupor, Elise decides to go and see Danny. Byron and Megan beg her to bring help but she doesn’t grasp the seriousness of the situation. After she goes, a house cleaner stops by and when Megan is unable to convince her to leave, Peter shoots the woman and throws her body into the sea. He is becoming psychotic.

Byron and Megan again try to convince Elise that Peter is a psychopath and she should leave and go to Danny, but Elise believes her destiny is to be with Peter. When she doesn’t show up for their date, Danny comes to the house and Peter catches them together.

With the house cleaner missing, the police begin closing in and events at “Nowhere” are about to come to a tragic conclusion.