Two cops on the beat in Melbourne Australia discover a body floating in the River and call in detectives to handle the investigation. The plain clothes cops, however, prefer not to be bothered with all the paperwork and figure if they wait long enough the body will float into another precinct’s jurisdiction.

Meanwhile Jan Wilson (Belinda McClory) know to her friends as “JJ” is assigned, with her partner Robbie Walsh (John Brumpton), to investigate a string of especially grisly child killings committed by an unknown serial killer lunatic the police have nicknamed ‘Mr. Creep’. A tip-off on this high profile case (in police slang terms called a ‘Redball’) causes JJ great alarm.

After she loses her cool during an autopsy Robbie is concerned she’s heading for a breakdown; JJ is concerned Robbie is corrupt.

A dedicated and honest homicide detective, JJ begins to crack under the strain of the cynicism and lawlessness surrounding her. While she’s always been an idealist who tries to play fair and by the book, JJ has grown disgusted with the rampant corruption and abuse of power that goes on around her; ranging from simple laziness in procedural matters to brutal violence and rape committed by her fellow officers abusing their power and neglecting their responsibilities.

When evidence begins to suggest Mr. Creep may be a member of the police department, some of JJ’s colleagues fear she’s burnt out and may just snap; bringing down not only herself but in the process affecting every member of the force who’s not on the straight and narrow.

Meanwhile Mr. Creep may be stalking her.