Rosa is a wealthy and sophisticated woman; yet beneath her glamorous exterior, she is a woman filled from top to toe with utmost cruelty. She is consumed by a manic obsession to exact a calculated and brutal revenge upon her only daughter, Maria.

Maria Cassini is a successful international model and has recently made her debut as an actress in the film Dark Passion in which she co-starred with the well-known actor Ben King, to whom she becomes engaged.

Upon learning of Maria’s engagement, Rosa invites the couple to spend the weekend at her spacious, secluded home. Maria is deeply suspicious of Rosa’s motives and does not want to go but Ben insists they accept her invitation.

It appears, upon their arrival, that Maria’s concerns have been misplaced. Rosa seems a most pleasant accommodating host, yet Maria remains cool. She is determined to endure the weekend for Ben’s sake – nothing more. Ben, on the other hand, is overwhelmed by Rosa; and more than a little flattered by her advances towards him.

As the weekend progresses, Rosa’s charming veneer begins to evaporate. Her sinister intentions are never far from the surface. Rosa coldly manipulates Ben’s emotions and callously brings to light the secrets of Maria’s dark and painful past.

Rosa relentlessly pursues Maria to the edge to her sanity and Maria has to summon every ounce of her strength to face the confrontation and survive.

In a final cruel twist Rosa has her own dark secret, which will change the lives of Maria and Ben forever.