Buddy, a charming but spoilt young man, is the king on campus, stringing along a few luscious co-eds and an equally luscious lecturer.

Buddy dislikes any form of work as much as he likes the good life, and drags out his studies to avoid being drafted into the army. This provides ammunition for his stepfather’s political opponents. To avoid an election disaster, Buddy’s wealthy stepfather offers him $100,000 to leave campus and join up.

Buddy accepts, but still continues to do things his own way, like having his old friend James, the family chauffeur, drive him to boot camp in the Rolls. The best part of this trip he meets a young couple and their gorgeous friend Elize, on their way to camp when their car broke down. The trusty and resourceful James takes care of matters whilst Buddy gets acquainted with Elize …

They eventually arrive at boot camp Screenplay ……… to be confronted by the drill instructor, who takes an immediate dislike to Buddy. He vows to break his spirit.

But Buddy’s real education is only beginning and along with the rest of the guys in the barracks he begins to share some meaningful experiences, fears and fantasies, along with some great moments of humor. Buddy and his pals are known as the “deadbeat platoon” and their drill instructor eventually gives up on them. This proves to be the catalyst and Buddy, in spectacular fashion, leads the platoon in turning a hopeless situation into victory.

But their education is still not finished, and later, fighting in the operational zone, they learn that war teaches the greatest lesson of all.