Look @ Me

Look @ Me

Tina Tremaine is an extremely attractive 26 year old who has recently launched a personal website featuring herself in various risque images and audio clips.

It has become a huge success, with a big fan base – thousand of them, in fact. For some fans it’s a fun diversion to log on’ but for one fan it becomes a crazed, demented obsession.

Security systems specialist Robert carries severe psychic and emotional scars from his childhood, which have prevented him maintaining normal relationships. A member of Tina’s web club, he sends her an offensive email and Tina responds by cutting off his access. This causes Robert to tailspin out of control – culminating with him abducting Tina from her home.

Robert imprisons Tina in his basement, modified with elaborate security devices specifically to house his beautiful prisoner. Under his watchful, ever-present eye, he cuts her off from the rest of the world, determined to use her to overcome his physical and emotional shortcomings.

Robert uses Tina’s website to create an alibi for her abduction and imprisonment, forcing her to pose for him as he photographs her for one last website publication. As Robert forces her to work on these final images, Tina uncovers his personal demons, and discovers the horrible truth about Robert’s ultimate intentions.

Tina must endure dangerous mind games and physical torture, all the while using her physical wiles and mental skills in order to exploit the flaws in her captor and his ambitious plan. Tina uses the website to send a call for help.

Now it’s up to her fans to find her.