Hot Times At Montclair High

Hot Times At Montclair High

Another September rolls around and Montclair High opens its doors to a zany group of students. On the first day of school, Mr. Sanders gives his typical pep talk to his homeroom class. As he looks around the room at the motley group of seniors, lie can’t help but wonder how many will graduate this year.

As Scan Willis, the handsome quarterback on the varsity learn puts it, “This year is going to be fun and games!” On the opposite side of the room is Jason Miller, a tough eccentric eastside kid who entertains himself drawing and making obscene gestures at Bridgette, the school’s bombshell. In the front of the class sits Zigmond (Ziggy) Karpinski, a short wiry computer whiz who’s constantly fantasizing he’s having sexual encounters with Miss Hershey, his science teacher.

Sean is the envy of every Jock in school. He’s not only dating Jenny Hart, the beautiful cheerleader whom he hopes to many someday, but he’s up for an athletic scholarship to a prominent university. Sean’s plans come to a screeching halt when he fails a science test.

Meanwhile, Ziggy and Jason are learned up on an unusual class assignment by Mr. Sakamoto, their photography teacher. Their quest to capture “An Embarrassing Moment” gets them into deeper trouble, when they fall through the ceiling of the girl’s shower.

Detention room seems to have a revolving door for Scan, Jason and Ziggy, and after spending some time together, these three very different personalities start to get to know each other better.

At a local dance club, Jenny is lured by a long haired musician, Dirk Allen, into going to a party. On a seventy foot yacht a wild party is in full swing and Jenny is not only introduced to drugs, but she’s violated by Dirk.
Sean finds out Jenny went to the party without him and breaks up with her. Feeling depressed, Jenny drifts from her regulars. Bitter and Confused, Jenny tries to kill herself

Jason finds Jenny and takes her to the hospital in time to save her life. Sean is told about Jenny’s suicide attempt and comes running to her side. Sean is angry and makes a commitment to get even.

With the help of Jason, Sean goes after the school drug pusher Rick Meyers. Sean is committed to go all the way and with the help of Jason and Ziggy they mastermind an attack on the Drug Kingpin, Dirk Allen in his floating fortress.
The confrontation that ensues is successful and the kids are treated like heroes.

Graduation day brings everyone together. Jenny is fully recovered and graduates along with Sean, Jason, Ziggy and their fiends.