Girl Missing

Girl Missing

Jack Pennimen’s life may as well have ended when he was 10 years old. That was the summer his little sister Lucy had the boating accident that killed her. His family has never confronted her death – his parents move through life in a vacuum and his self obsessed older sister is an emotional wreck herself. No one ever helped Jack come to terms with the fact that he was with Lucy at the end … that he carries the burden of the tragedy.

Now an adult and still wracked by guilt, Jack moves to New York’s Chinatown. To his friends and ex fiancée he seems to be spiraling out of control. He can’t hold down a job, and the former tennis star now never picks up a racquet. As his mental state continues to deteriorate into psychosis he imagines a little girl standing close by him in his apartment, in the street, in restaurants. His erratic behavior concerns neighbors – has he done something?

During one of his aimless excursions outdoors Jack encounters someone sticking up posters about a missing girl. The guy claims to be the investigating detective on the case and gradually Jack is coerced into assisting with the search. The cop seems to be everywhere Jack goes and a kind of cat and mouse game between the two ensues.

Alone and isolated Jack obsesses over the dead Lucy – constantly writing her letters and imagining her presence; but his mind starts intertwining recurring images of the missing girl – does Jack know what happened to her? The cop appears to be moving closer to an arrest – is Jack his suspect? Or is the cop himself part of the mystery?

The arrival of two undercover detectives chasing clues on the disappearance heightens Jack’s unease and his already thin grip on reality further frays.

Pressure on Jack threatens to boil over as misguided friends track him down and try to stage an intervention. Fleeing his apartment Jack finds his mind increasingly muddled and he is unable to differentiate between what’s real and what’s imagined. Before he can move on, Jack will be forced to face his demons and the painful secrets buried in his past.