Fiela’s Child

Fiela’s Child

In Africa a child wanders too far into the Knysna Forest. He never returns ……

Nine years later, two government officials, working on a census, find a white child living with a colored family in the mountains on the other side of the Forest. They take him away from the stricken Fiela, who has brought him up, and give him back to his ‘original’ family.

Whipped into using a new name and calling strangers ‘ma’ and ‘pa’, Benjamin is so stunned that he cannot cry and waits for Fiela to reclaim him. But Fiela, powerless before authority, never comes. So Benjamin has to grow up before he can go in search of the truth……

For years the helpless youngster, and then young man, is mercilessly exploited and ill-treated. He also falls deeply in love with the young woman he believes to be his sister. All the while faithful Fiela moves heaven and earth to win back her God given child.

Fiela’s Child is a fast moving emotion-charged human drama, full of unexpected twists.