Fantasm Comes Again

Fantasm Comes Again

It’s the last night in the job for Harry (Clive Hearne) a crusty old journalist who for innumerable years has written the paper’s sexual advice column under the pen name ‘Dear Collette’. He spends it initiating the eager, but confused young newcomer, Libbie (Angela Menzies-Wills) into the niceties of bad puns and good advice.

We meet the librarian (Tom Thumb) who uses the ‘Silence Please’ sign to cover his rather unorthodox approach to two readers (Liz Woolfe and Rosemarie Bem). At the drive-in watching ‘Fantasm’ pretty young Carol (Rainbeaux Smith) is raped by a campervan owner (Mike Stapp) while her boyfriend Bob (Urias S.Cambridge) gets into a threesome.

At Bates Gym, Mr. Bates (Rick Cassidy) instructs Miss Peabody (Michael Barton) in the proper behavior on trampolines, parallel bars and massage tables. Young Bill, the junior executive (Herb Layne) is trapped in a lift with Penny (Suzy A. Star) and Sally (Amanda Smith)

During a ride in the country Leslie (Uschi Digart) and Bianca (Dee Dee Levitt) are caught in a sudden downpour and take refuge in a barn. Miss Carter (Helen O’Connell) is invited to a party at the home of Mr. Clark (Con Covert) her new employer. While there she is put through all sorts of tests and is saved from the climactic orgy by Tony (Bryant Rigby).

At a country club pool Samantha (Suzanne Walsh) Jo (Melinda York) and Terri (Mary Johnson) reject stud (John C. Holmes) but indulge themselves with the lifeguard (Bill Margold). During a family visit Uncle Fred (Al Ward) and Frances (Mary Gavin) assist young Virginia (Nancy Mann) to understand certain ways of using a waterbed.

Sterling (Jesse Adams) finally gets to make it with Carol (Christina de Shaffer) after an unorthodox car chase. Joe the Janitor (Michael Karnitz) seduces Imogene (Serena) into telling him her secret desires. As the long night draws to a close and deadline for the column approaches Libby and Harry have reached a comic understanding of what it takes to be ‘Dear Collette’.