Em 4 Jay

Em 4 Jay

In a big city downtown we meet Emma and Jay, two young 20 something lovers buying drugs and then watch as they waste the rest of the day away, oblivious to everything around them.

As always, the drugs and cash quickly run out and alternative sources of income need to be found. They arrange to put on a sex show for a sleaze bag who pays them a large amount of cash, but the exploitive nature of the act leaves them cold and resentful. Jay swears to Emma that they’ll never do that again.

Jay devises a plan to rob a convenience store and the two carry it out. It all seems so easy and they are turned on by both the easy cash and by the thrill of the heist. Emma and Jay figure they can make a living pulling armed robberies like Bonnie and Clyde and never be without drugs again.

They stick to their usual routines and bars and pubs, so that people don’t become suspicious of their new found cash. When they do treat themselves to a night out at a very expensive restaurant the night ends in humiliation when they both fall asleep at the table.

Their robberies soon become increasingly violent and the pair soon make it onto the local TV news. It’s not long before greed sets in and Jay starts carrying a gun, while Emma’s escalating habit spirals wildly out of control. She agrees to see her sister and wants to impress her but is so drugged out that she can’t see the deep hurt she’s causing.

Jay diversifies his ‘business’ and starts doing deals on the side without Emma knowing. When Jay finds himself with unpaid debts he can’t pay, he and Emma are forced into a robbery spree which ends badly for all.

After a pregnant Emma loses her baby, they rob a petrol station to finance a getaway to a tropical island they have always dreamed about. The proceeds are intended to set them up in new lives, away from all the troubles around them, however it goes wrong and Jay is gunned down. Back at their apartment Emma is forced to give Jay drugs so he can die peacefully. Emma can’t live without Jay so she gives herself a fatal dose too.

The police finally catch up with Emma and Jay – together in each others arms forever.