Eight Ball

Eight Ball

In life, the trick is to get an even break. Two men, one a ex-con, the other a self absorbed architect are about to meet in the grassy expanse of the Australian countryside.

Russell, a long haired rock and roll car thief is just out of prison, longing for a life without fences, and a new beginning. He returns home to get to know his eight year old son, Douggie, and to become the father he has never been. Douggie, wounded by neglect, believes that a broken home is all he will ever have.

Charlie is a workaholic whose greatest happiness has always been what he creates, but recently he cant seem to get his life in order. Charlie now no longer knows what he wants and because of this his wife is leaving him.

Charlie decides to throw himself into a new project, a tourist attraction built to look like a huge fish that will house the new museum. This is being built in the Australian countryside, many hours away from the city. He hopes that by designing and building this museum he will set his own life back on course.

Russell meantime is out looking for work and joins the building project as a carpenter. With his son Douggie joining him, Russell hopes that the time spent together will allow them to get to know each other better and they can become a family once more.

When Douggie goes missing, Charlie and Russell, who have become good friends, go searching for him and discover what is important in their lives and that you only find these truths when you least expect it.