Danger Games

Danger Games

Pirow Bentley, a typical State Department official, inadvertently uncovers a major computer fraud within his Department. This results in Pirow’s life changing dramatically.

After a series of personal mishaps and clashes with his Boss, he is transferred to another section within his Department – the move is actually a demotion for Pirow and he’s not happy.

It is then that be meets Toby, a computer nerd, and together they discover that large sums of Departmental money are being misappropriated – and by his ex-boss at that. – The press would love the story.

Pirow and Toby, together with two other associates who have now become inextricably interwoven through an hilarious chain of events, attempt to unravel the fraud, take revenge on their Boss and bring him to justice.

But in the process their motives also become questionable as they get the taste of money – lots of it! Pirow plays an exciting cat and mouse game with his Boss and the authorities.

Can he succeed in cornering his foe?