Its the start of the long summer and Celia turns 9 years old. Her world is made up of best friends and enemies, story book monsters and oaths of everlasting loyalty. Her closest friends are her Granny and her pet rabbit, Murgatroyd.

Then one day her Granny dies. In the deep of the night the monstrous Hobyahs start climbing the window.

In the day, Celia’s father pays the next door neighbor Alice a strange amount of attention. Life is beginning to change. Celia’s world of backyards, blood brothers and blissful innocence is about to end.

This is Australia in 1957 seen through the frightening clear window of a child’s eyes. When Celia’s next door neighbors are hounded out of town for their political beliefs and her beloved rabbit is taken by the government in a state wide round up, her world is threatened and Celia learns she must either fight back or give in. She fights.

In a chilling climax, she draws on the strength of her fantasies to strike out against the forces of bigotry and repression that threaten all that she holds dear.

Her innocence is surrendered. Celia is corrupted into adulthood.