Blood Reaper

Blood Reaper

Jim is happy to drive his five friends to the remote cabin site but he refuses to stay with them for the weekend when they decide to camp deep in the woods. He confides the urban myth of Juebel Fishman – the ‘Reaper’ – a mysterious madman of local legend.

Don and Kristi laugh off Jim’s nervousness – Don is looking forward to the great fishing. Tim, Katie and Leann are keen hikers and believe two days getaway in the mountains will be great fun. But when the strange cabin manager confirms they are will be the only guests and, indeed, as the season is over, he will also be departing, some unease creeps into the group.

Around their campfire, Don decides to spook the others relating tales of murders in the woods however he, too, freaks when a stranger appears from the trees urging the group to leave with him. With some reservation they ignore his pleas and settle in for a restless night. Their fire burns down low and the darkness of the night lays claim to the mountains.

The Park Ranger – a very unfriendly, odd individual who seems to have a disdain for campers – pays the group a visit and issues various warnings that cause more jumpy and anxious feelings.

However Don heads to the river with his fishing gear and three of the others set off to make camp in the forest.

Kristi gets bored waiting for Don to return and wanders away from the shack only to discover a peculiar eccentric old woman who seems to live in a clearing. Somewhat edgy from the encounter, Kristi loses direction and finds herself at a cave entrance at the base of a towering cliff. Now beginning to get tense she tries to regain her composure and retrace her steps. Sounds and moving shadows stir up feelings of worry and panic. Then as she slips on a rock, a helping hand comes forward to help her – but the hand belongs to something dark; something evil; something, or someone, wielding a steel blade. The figure thrusts forward and Kristi’s blood is spilled as she is dragged into the darkness of the cave.

Don meantime is sitting in quiet contemplative mood on the riverbank but his peaceful exploits are soon interrupted when a shape explodes from the icy water and pulls him under to the murky depths.

These deaths set off a chain of terror as one by one the other friends meet their end at the hand of the Reaper. Does the Ranger know who is behind the gruesome murders? Will anyone be able to identify the crazed killer and put a stop to the dread and horror that has haunted the area for years?