Beyond Justice

Beyond Justice

Having just established their Private Detective Agency, John Lawless (Kevin Smith), a hard nosed ex-cop and pretty, young Jodie Keane (Angela Dotchin) have an unspoken vow to keep their

relationship professional, despite their growing attraction to each other. They are hired by Lana Vitale (Jennifer Rubin) a beautiful, mysterious American who asks them to investigate the death of her husband, Kyle. It seems he died falling from the roof of a high rise. The police think it’s suicide. Lana thinks it’s murder.

Jodie goes undercover and locates Nat (Dean O’ Gorman), Kyle’s best friend, who works at the Datura, an up-market but slightly seedy nightclub. She presses him for information and discovers Kyle was at the club the night he died.

Meanwhile Lawless accompanies Lana to the morgue to identify Kyle and finds himself becoming attracted to her. She seems to reciprocate.

Lawless and Lana go to check out the club themselves and meet Phil Mayo, the owner, who’s initially intrigued at their inquiries but later has Lawless beaten up to find out why he’s interested in Kyle. When their offices are bombed, Lawless and Jodie believe it’s a message from Mayo to back off.

Eager for more information, Jodie goes to the club the following night and with Nat’s help discovers it’s a front for an adult movie business. Mayo offers Jodie a tour and to Nat’s horror, she accepts.

When Jodie is drugged and disappears, Lawless begins a frantic search. After some tense moments she turns up safely back home – Nat had rescued her just in time but it seems Kyle had been a willing participant in both the adult movie making and the use of drugs. This conclusion is borne out by the postmortem, which shows Kyle had been using a new super drug smuggled back by him from a recent trip to Thailand. A drug that sells for a fortune on
the streets.

However it was not the drug that killed Kyle – he died from the fall. But did he jump or was he pushed? Lawless believes Mayo is behind the death but the case seems closed for lack of proof. However Jodie continues to be suspicious of Lana and feels there is more to uncover.

The relationship between Lawless and Lana moves to passion but meantime Jodie has discovered Lana has been using them just to locate the drugs; she’s never really been interested in Kyle’s death. Lana plans to smuggle the narcotics into the States in Kyle’s coffin.

Reluctant to face the truth Lawless tries at first to defend Lana, but when he uncovers evidence that she used her car to push Kyle from the rooftop, he is devastated. He and Jodie intercept Kyle’s casket and arrange to have it cremated. They allow Lana to leave the country but she is unaware the drugs have been destroyed. Jodie and Lawless turn to each other for comfort.