Bachelor Party Massacre

Bachelor Party Massacre

A female Serial Killer is on the loose and for a Bachelor and his friends, a night of festivities are about to become a bloody nightmare.

Days before the wedding of Addison and Lisa, Addison’s brother Carl has arranged for a very special – and very private – bachelor party complete with beer and STRIPPERS! After Addison kisses his fiancée farewell, he heads off to the mountains with Carl, Paul and Mark to a two-story bar they rented for the night. Unfortunately for them, they do not heed the police bulletins screaming across the radio that a Woman convicted of multiple homicides has escaped.

As the evening begins, Lisa and Carl’s wife Tina head out for dinner while the boys begin their party. Soon paranoia and distrust creep into Lisa’s and Tina’s pleasant evening and they decide to crash the party.

Up in the mountains, Addison and his friends order pizza and guzzle beer, awaiting the arrival of some very sexy Strippers. When the Dancers arrive, the boys realize they are in for a very special show as what begins as a dance for the Bachelor quickly turns into private dances throughout the bar’s many rooms for each guy.

Unbeknownst to them, the Killer has discovered their party and is bringing her own twisted games to play. Wearing a rain slicker and wielding a butcher’s knife, she begins to sneak through the bar taking them out one at a time.

With the body count rising, Lisa and Tina arrive on the scene. They are shocked to find Addison passed out on a pool table and Carl upstairs in all his drunken glory; all the time unaware that the Killer’s is after them next. The Women insist that the strippers go home… the party is over. But the Killer is about to become known to everyone. She attacks, driving the group apart ready to kill the party in her own way.

Ferocious in her thirst for death, the Killer strikes with vengeance and blood lust. Ultimately, it will be up to a final few to make a stand against the Killer with results far more horrifying than any of them anticipated.

Who, if any, will survive this Bachelor Party Massacre?